Topbuxus: Miracle Worker for the lushest Buxus ever!

Dave Hamilton crouching in a field, the visionary who introduced TOPBUXUS to Australia, surrounded by lush greenery.
Dave Hamilton: The Visionary Behind TOPBUXUS in Australia

An interview with Dave Hamilton - The man who bought Topbuxus to Australia

"I am a horticulturalist living in Melbourne and have been working in the industry for years. During this time, I noticed that many of the Buxus plants in the gardens I maintained looked drab, discoloured, patchy, and overall sad. 

Starting from ground zero I delved into Buxus literature searching for that magic product combination to stop the defoliation and reverse the bright orange leaf discolouration that plagued my clients’ plants. After creating and applying my own blends using things like phosphorus, dolomite lime, organic fertliser etc, I failed to improve them and was ready to give up. 

Searching the internet late one night, I stumbled upon a Dutch company called Topbuxus. Their website outlined a fungal infection called boxwood blight, which happened to be the culprit to all my Buxus woes. 

I contacted the head office and asked them about their product. I learned that Topbuxus started out as Buxus growers. The father son duo, Janus and Adrie van Dun, built Topbuxus into one of the largest Buxus farms in Europe selling over 15 million+, award winning Buxus plants in their 20 or so years of operation. They used their own blends to manage their Buxus health and decided to take it to the consumer. I figured if anyone knew what they were talking about it would be them. 

After much toing and froing, I said “I don’t care how much shipping costs - send me your products!”. I patiently waited for the delivery eager to put them to the test. I followed their directions to the letter. After a few months of consistent application I started getting texts form my clients saying “I can’t believe how good our hedges are looking”, and “No one has been able to get our hedges to look this green!”. 

I was invigorated! I had found a solution! Unable to hide my excitement I had resolved to bring Topbuxus to Australia. 

With Topbuxus’ blessing I am proud to say that Australia now has access to the world’s foremost professional Buxuscare products, which is used by the likes of Martha Stewart. No longer do you have to suffer with discoloured, defoliated Buxus. You can finally have your Buxus the way they were supposed to be. Thick, lush, healthy, and the deepest of greens."

TOPBUXUS Australia - A showcase of healthy, vibrant boxwood plants benefiting from TOPBUXUS care products.

The Products


TOPBUXUS® HEALTH-MIX is both a fungal treatment and a general health fertliser. The HEALTH-MIX is a dissolvable tablet that not only treats Boxwood Blight but ensures the Buxus stays healthy and fungus free. Whilst delivering essential nutrients through the leaves of the plants, HEALTH-MIX also acts as a Ph stabiliser. This is great for balancing the soil Ph AND neutralising heavy water. Best of all HEALTH-MIX is a non-toxic fungicide that is safe for humans, bees, and all other pollinators alike. TOPBUXUS® HEALTH-MIX is a maintenance and preventative spray that is used monthly to ensure optimal health year-round.

Topbuxus GROW 

TOPBUXUS® GROW is a fast-acting quick release fertliser. It has been clinically designed to boost growth for seedlings, juvenile stock, and mature stock. GROW also targets specific nutrient deficiencies in all varieties of Buxus which cause leaf discolouration, like bright orange foliage, turning them a deep and rich green. Using GROW will ensure that you have the lushest, greenest, and uniform Buxus.

TOPBUXUS, secateurs, and a spray bottle arranged in a garden bed, showcasing essential tools for boxwood care.
Essentials for Excellence: TOPBUXUS Care in Action

For more information on Topbuxus visit:

To see how Martha Stewart uses Topbuxus visit: The Martha Blog

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