Japanese Box Topiary Balls

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Buxus Microphylla var. Japonica

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  • Classic formal Topiary Ball
  • Compact bright green, glossy foliage
  • Suits formal, contemporary & Oriental gardens
  • Expertly crafted and pruned from a young age for desired shape
  • Suitable for feature planter pots



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Creating dreamy Contemporary or Oriental garden designs with these gorgeous Japanese Box Topiary Balls. Expertly crafted and pruned from a young age, these topiary balls, also known as “Spheres” feature dense foliage in a beautifully symmetrical form. Ideal for planting both in the garden and feature planter pots. Small and regular pruning will maintain the plants beautiful shape. One of their most popular uses is for framing a garden entrance or plant in decorative feature pots either side of a doorway. Japanese Box or Buxus is known to me one of the faster growing varieties of the Buxus Family, making these a popular plant choice for Topiary work.


Product Specifications

  • Common Name: Japanese Box / Buxus
  • Mature Diameter:  2 meters
  • Foliage: Mid green foliage
  • Form/Habit: Upright, compact
  • Uses: Garden and entrance framing, feature planter pots
  • Planter suitability: Yes, allow adequate room for growth
  • Drought Tolerance: Moderate; adequate water required in warmer months
  • Soil: Well draining soil
  • Growth Rate: Medium,  encourage new growth with quality Buxus fertalizer
  • Sun: Full sun – semi shade location
  • Maintenance: Medium – depending on style of hedging
  • Hint: For best result, keep well watered and use quality Buxus fertalizer


Commonly Asked Questions:

How do I care for my Japanese Box Topiary Balls?

Several small prunes a year will keep Japanese Box looking in a neat and clean shape. Use sharp sheers and keep standing back to get a better view of the shape you are creating. Using a ruler / height guide is an easy way to achieve a constant height. Water and fertalise the plant well after a prune. Using a quality product such as Top Buxus  is a great way to keep your English Box in good health. Alternatively a slow release fertaliser will also work well.



What is the main difference between English Box and Japanese Box?

Both plants are fantastic choices for low hedging and garden borders. Typically, English Box has a darker appearance and is a little slower in its growth, however is a classic and ever popular choice. The Japanese Box foliage is a little lighter, more lime tones with a slightly difference in leaf shape. Japanese Box will grow a little quicker and larger than English, which needs to be considered when looking at the long term design you are wishing to achieve. Japanese Box is also more suitable to hotter climates or coastal areas.


Can I keep my Japanese Box in a pot?

Yes you can, you may find in a few years time you need to increase the size of your planter. Plants in pots will also dry out more quickly than they would if they were in the ground, keep an eye on the moisture level to prevent the plant drying out.


Will my plant be delivered pruned?

Yes all plants receive a fresh prune prior to delivery. If your plant is being delivered in the peak of summer, it may be delivered to you unpruned to avoid burning of the freshly cut foliage. If this is the case, you will be informed of this prior to delivery.