Backyard Bliss

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Syzygium Paniculatum ‘Backyard Bliss’

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  • Popular evergreen screening lilly pilly variety
  • Creates luscious hedging and green screens
  • Low maintenance and psyllid resistant
  • Prunes well into a compact 2-3m hedge
  • Plant 1 meter apart for hedging
  • Mature size 5-6 meters tall



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Backyard bliss features luscious light green foliage and is ideal for those wanting a 2-4m privacy screen. Unless like other forms of larger lilly pilly, Backyard bliss has a mature size of 5 meters, making it ideal for most residential gardens. Low maintenance and fast growing, this terrific screening plant is a popular choice. With a mature width of 2 meters, its compact form makes it suitable for smaller garden beds or narrow fence line planting. A gentle prune will encourage a neater shape.


Product Specifications

  • Common Name: Backyard bliss
  • Uses: Screening, hedging, privacy screen, poolside planting, narrow garden beds
  • Mature Height: 5 meters
  • Mature Width: 2 meters
  • Spacing: 1 meter apart for a screening hedge
  • Form: Upright, compact
  • Evergreen/Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Foliage: Green foliage
  • Soil: Most soil types, prefers well draining soil
  • Water Requirements: Low – medium
  • Native: Yes
  • Position: Full sun
  • Growth Rate: Medium – fast
  • Maintenance: Low – medium, benefits from a light prune


Commonly Asked Questions

How far apart should I plant Backyard Bliss for a screening hedge?

Planting at a 1-meter spacing allows the Lilly Pilly plants to grow and fill in, creating a dense and cohesive hedge. The goal is to achieve a continuous screen that provides privacy and serves as an effective barrier. Prepare the planting area by clearing any weeds or debris and amending the soil with organic matter to improve drainage. This helps create optimal conditions for the Lilly Pilly plants to establish and thrive.


How fast do these grow?

‘Backyard Bliss’ Lilly Pilly exhibits a vigorous growth habit, allowing it to put on substantial growth each year, particularly when provided with optimal conditions. Lilly Pilly generally prefers full sun to partial shade. Providing the plants with adequate sunlight contributes to their overall health and accelerates growth.


Should I prune my Backyard Bliss?

Late winter is typically during the dormant period for many deciduous plants. During dormancy, the plants are not actively growing, making it an opportune time to prune without causing stress to the tree.


Advanced evergreen screening plants, Backyard Bliss

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