Weeping Lilly Pilly

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Waterhousia Floribunda

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  • Bestselling evergreen screening plant
  • Also known as weeping lilly pilly
  • Fast-growing, up to 1 meter per year
  • Ideal for evergreen screening and noise reduction
  • Mature size plants grow to 10 meters
  • Plant 1-2 meters apart for screening


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Transform your landscape with the Weeping Lilly Pilly, a fast-growing, evergreen screening plant that can grow up to 1 meter in height annually. Waterhousia Floribunda is a low-maintenance choice for evergreen screening, hedging and creating your own private oasis. One of the fastest growing of all Lilly Pilly varieties, making Waterhousia the number one choice for when you like your neighbors, but don’t want to see them every day!


Product Specification

  • Common Name: Weeping Lilly Pilly
  • Mature Height: 10 meters
  • Mature Width: 5 meters
  • Spacing: Plant 1 – 1.5m apart for a thick screening hedge
  • Foliage: Green, new foliage can have red tips
  • Form/Habit: Dense and upright
  • Evergreen/Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Tolerates: Various soil types; psyllid-resistant
  • Drought Hardy: Moderate
  • Sun: Full Sun to Semi-Shade
  • Maintenance: Low; periodic shaping advised. Mulch during warmer weather
  • Water Requirement: Moderate; prioritize well-draining soil conditions
  • Native: No


Commonly Asked Questions

How far apart should I plant Weeping Lilly Pilly when creating a screening hedge?

For a lush and effective screening hedge, we recommend planting your specimens at a distance of 1-1.5 meters apart. This optimal spacing ensures a dense and cohesive growth, providing privacy and creating a green barrier that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.


How fast do Weeping Lilly Pilly grow?

Waterhouse is a fast-growing plant; you can expect around 1 meter of annual growth. This is one of the fastest rates of growth with all Lilly Pilly varieties, making it a very popular choice for customers wanting quick results.


Should I prune my Waterhouse?

Mid-winter is ideal for pruning before the new Spring foliage comes in. This will encourage new growth and assist in shaping your screening hedge. After pruning, provide adequate water and nutrients to support the plant’s recovery. A gentle and effective product such as Seasol will be ideal.