Capital Pear

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Pyrus Calleryana Capital

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  • Most compact ornamental pear variety
  • Ideal for narrow spaces & garden beds
  • Perfect for fence line, driveway and avenue planting
  • Spectacular Autumn foliage colour change
  • Delicate white flowers in early Spring
  • Suitable for pleaching & underplanting
  • Plant 1-2 meters apart for screening
  • Mature plants can reach 10 meters


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The most slender of all Ornamental Pear varieties, making the Capital pear a popular choice for narrow garden beds, fence and houseline planting and avenue planting. Enjoy their natural slender upright form, featuring delicate spring time blossoms. Enjoy the seasonal foliage change as their green foliage transforms into radiant Autumn tones.


Product Specifications

  • Common Name: Pyrus Calleryana Capital
  • Mature Height: 10 meters
  • Mature Width: 3 meters
  • Spacing: 1.5 – 2 meters apart for avenue planting
  • Foliage: Mid green foliage
  • Flowering Period: Radiant blooms during Spring
  • Form/Habit: Upright, slender, column
  • Uses: Feature tree, avenue planting, narrow garden beds
  • Water Requirements: Low – Medium
  • Evergreen/Deciduous: Deciduous
  • Sun: Full sun
  • Maintenance: Low, no need to prune
  • Native: No
  • Planter Suitability: No


Commonly asked questions

How far apart should I plant Capital Pears?

This all depends on the look you are wanting to achieve. For avenue planting or lining a fence line, keep in mind the mature width is 3m. Planting around 1-2 meters apart would allow plenty of room for the trees to keep their natural shape. Capital pears are the more slender of all ornamental pears, making them ideal for areas with limited space.


When will Ornamental Pears flower?

Ornamental Pears will produce masses of delicate white flowers during the Spring, before their new seasons foliage develops. In the autumn, the leaves of many ornamental pear varieties can turn shades of red, orange, or purple, adding seasonal interest.


Do I need to prune Ornamental Pears?

No need to prune your pears, just sit back and enjoy the natural slender shape of your ornamental pears. Ornamental pears often have a symmetrical, upright growth habit, making them suitable for various garden designs.


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