Forest Pansy

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Cercis Canadensis

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  • Highly sort after purple foliage feature plant
  • Gorgeous heart shaped open folaige
  • Spectacular Autumn color change
  • Small pink flowers appear in Spring
  • Upright vase-shaped shape growth
  • Grows to 6 meters plus


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With its striking feature plant and distinctive purple foliage, the Forest Pansy will give your garden a unique look. It has charming heart-shaped leaves and tiny pink Spring flowers, and its autumnal change is breathtaking. This unique tree is highly sort after, as its purple foliage makes for a wonderful contract again greenery in garden designs.

Please note availability for Forest Pansy changes frequently and often sells out during pre-sales. To add your name to next seasons waiting list, please talk to our friendly staff.


Product Specifications

  • Botanical Name: Cercis Canadensis
  • Common Name: Forest Pansy
  • Mature Height: 6-8 meters
  • Mature Width: 5-7 meters
  • Foliage: Vibrant purple-red in Spring, transitioning to deep maroon
  • Flowers: Pinkish-purple, pea-like blooms
  • Bark: Smooth, becoming slightly ridged and darkened with age
  • Form/Habit: Upright, rounded, spreading
  • Uses: Specimen, focal point, shade tree
  • Deciduous/Evergreen: Deciduous
  • Drought Hardy: Moderate
  • Sun: Full sun to partial shade
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Water Requirement: Moderate, prefers well-drained soils
  • Planter Suitability: Yes, allow adequate room for growth


Commonly Asked Questions

Is it easy to look after Forest Pansy?

Yes, Forest Pansy is a low-maintenance plant with great longevity. Forest Pansy is a medium-growing plant that is relatively disease-free. They do not require pruning; sit back and enjoy their natural, beautiful form.


Why can it be difficult to secure a Forest Pansy?

Over the past few years, Forest Pansy’s popularity has increased significantly. Its natural heart-shaped foliage, vibrant colour and small–medium size frame make it an ideal specimen tree in various garden styles. The deep red/purple foliage adds a beautiful depth and contrast to your garden designs. To add your name to new seasons releases, please speak to our friendly team to secure your preferred plant.


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