White Correa Alba

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White Correa Alba

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  • Popular and attractive Australian Native
  • Dense, grey foliaged shrub with a rounded habit
  • Low maintenance and hardy evergreen foliage
  • White flowers appear in late winter and spring
  • Popular for Native inspired & coastal gardens
  • Prunes beautifully into a topiary ball
  • Space .5-1 meter apart for hedging
  • Grows 1-2 meters at maturity



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The White Correa (Correa alba) is indeed an Australian native evergreen shrub known for its lovely white bell-shaped flowers and its adaptability to various conditions, including being water-wise. It’s a versatile plant that thrives in gardens and landscapes due to its low water requirements once established.


Product Specifications

  • Common Name: Correa Alba
  • Plant Type: Evergreen shrub
  • Uses: Hedging, garden borders, planter pots, topiary
  • Mature Height: 1 – 2 meters
  • Mature Width: 1 meter
  • Spacing: .5-.8 meters apart
  • Position: Full Sun, partial shade, ideal for coastal gardens
  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • Native: Yes
  • Soil: Loam, sandy or well draining soil
  • Maintenance Level: Low
  • Planter Suitability: Yes


Commonly Asked Questions

How do I care for my Correa Alba?

This all depends on the look you are after, some customers prefer to let these plants grow wild for an organic look, others prefer a light prune twice a year for a rounded shape. For a more structured look you can prune your correa alba into a topiary. This is best achieved by tightly pruning the plant from a young age. Several small prunes a year will keep these plants in their attractive shape.

When pruning, use sharp sheers and keep standing back to view the shape, as its hard to tell the shape when standing close to the plant. A good watering and fertaliser post pruning will keep the plant  happy and healthy. If your plant is in a pot, rotate the pot every few months to encourage even overall growth.


Will Correa Alba cope with sea spray?

Correa alba, also known as the White Correa, can tolerate coastal conditions reasonably well, including some exposure to sea spray. Its hardiness allows it to withstand moderate coastal conditions, including salt-laden air to some extent. While White Correa can handle coastal conditions better than many other plants, it’s always a good idea to monitor its health and take steps to mitigate any stress caused by excessive exposure to salt spray.


How fast do Correa Alba grow?

Correa alba, or White Correa, typically has a moderate growth rate. In optimal conditions, it can grow at a moderate pace, but it’s not considered a fast-growing shrub compared to some other species. On average, this shrub can grow anywhere from 15 to 30 centimeters in height per year when it’s establishing itself. Growth rates can vary based on factors such as soil quality, climate, water availability, and local conditions.

After its initial establishment phase, its growth rate might slow down slightly, but it will continue to develop and mature. With proper care, including adequate watering during establishment, occasional fertilization, and light pruning, you can help optimize its growth and ensure a healthy, well-shaped shrub.