Star Jasmine

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Trachelospermum Jasminoides

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  • Classic Chinese Star Jasmine
  • Popular and versatile climbing plant
  • Dark green foliage with fragrant white star-shaped flowers
  • Blooms throughout spring and sporadically in Summer
  • Easily climbs over fences, pergolas or be trained in patterns
  • Extremely hardy and low-maintenance


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The lovely Chinese Star Jasmine is a well-liked and adaptable climbing plant that will elevate your outdoor area. Its lush, dark green foliage serves as a perfect backdrop for the abundant white star-shaped flowers that emit a captivating fragrance. With a Springtime burst of blooms followed by intermittent flowering in Summer, it brings continuous beauty to your garden. This climber gracefully ascends fences pergolas or can be trained to create stunning patterns, all while being exceptionally hardy and requiring minimal maintenance.


Product Specifications – Chinese Star Jasmine

  • Common Name: Chinese Star Jasmine
  • Form: Climbing
  • Foliage type: Evergreen
  • Uses: Vertical gardens, fence / archway covers, train to grow in patterns
  • Dimensions: 40 cm high x 3-6 meters wide
  • Position: Full Sun – semi shade
  • Flower Period: White blooms during Spring & Summer
  • Water needs: Low – Medium
  • Growth Rate: Medium – Fast
  • Planter Suitability: Yes
  • Maintenance Level: Low, if grown in a pattern – maintenance is required


Commonly Asked Questions

When does Star Jasmine flower?

Star Jasmine produces abundant flowers throughout spring, with its iconic “Summer Jasmine” scent. Then enjoy smaller bursts of flowers during the summer.


How do I train Star Jasmine to grow on a fence?

Jasmine is a climbing plant, not a creeping one, and it needs something to attach to. Lattices or guide wires are ideal. Jasmine is a very hardy plant, which trains easily, it will naturally want to climb and attach itself, you can also gently encourage the direction of the growth by wrapping the leaders around wires and lattice. If your jasmine becomes too large, it can be pruned to contain the size of the plant.


Is Star Jasmine suitable for planters?

Like all plants, larger growth is produced when planted in the ground, however Jasmine is also suitable for planter pots. Keep in mind once Jasmine becomes established, it will be more difficult to change the size of the planter. Select a planter you are keen to keep the Jasmine in long term, allow ample room for growth. Keep planters well watered especially in warmer months.