Hinteland Gold

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Syzygium Australe ‘Hinterland Gold’

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  • Popular Australian native screening plant
  • Compact, dense foliage with copper-toned new growth
  • White blooms in summer, transforming into berries
  • Fast-growing and low-maintenance
  • Low water needs, once established
  • Plant 1-2 meters apart for screening
  • Mature height of 4-6 meters


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Hinterland Gold, a native shrub that grows quickly and has eye-catching new growth with copper tones. Due to its adaptability and minimal maintenance requirements, this plant is favoured for hedges and screens since it responds well to trimming. It enhances your landscape during the warmer months with white, fluffy blossoms and juicy red berries, bringing a lovely touch of nature to your surroundings.


Product Specifications

  • Common Name: Lilly Pilly “Hinterland Gold”
  • Mature Height: 4-6 meters
  • Mature Width: 2-3 meters
  • Spacing: 1 meter apart for screening hedge
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Foliage/Bark: Compact, glossy green foliage with gold-tinted new growth
  • Flowers: White, fluffy flowers in warmer months
  • Evergreen/Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Maintenance: Low – medium, prune for a neat shape
  • Soil Type: Well-drained soil
  • Water Requirements: Low once established
  • Native: Yes


Commonly Asked Questions

How far apart should I plant for a Hinterland Gold for a screening hedge?

For Hinterland Gold plants used as a screening or hedging solution, the spacing between individual plants is crucial to achieve a dense and effective barrier. Generally, a spacing of about 1 to 1.5 meters apart is recommended for creating a solid hedge or screen. This distance allows the plants to grow and fill in the space while maintaining their individual integrity. However, if you’re looking for a more immediate barrier or privacy screen, planting them closer together can help achieve quicker coverage. Always consider the ultimate size of the plants and their growth habits when spacing them. Regular pruning and maintenance will also help maintain a compact and dense hedge.


Are Hinterland Gold fast-growing?

Hinterland Gold is known for its relatively fast growth rate, especially in optimal conditions. In ideal circumstances (good soil, sufficient water, sunlight, and proper care), these plants can grow at a moderate to rapid pace. Typically, they can achieve an average growth rate of around 30 to 60 centimeters per year when they’re young and establishing themselves. However, growth rates can vary based on factors like soil quality, climate, water availability, and local conditions. In their initial years after planting, they tend to establish their root systems and put most of their energy into growth. Once established, growth may slow down slightly, but they will continue to develop and mature. Regular watering, occasional fertilization, and proper pruning can help optimize growth and ensure a healthy, lush hedge or screen.


Should I prune my plants?

The best time to prune Hinterland Gold is after its flowering period, typically in late spring or early summer. This timing allows you to trim back the spent flowers and shape the plant while encouraging new growth. Always use sharp, clean pruning tools to make precise cuts and avoid injuring the plant. Regular maintenance pruning will help keep your Hinterland Gold™ healthy and in the desired shape for screening or hedging purposes.