Orange Espalier

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Valencia, Navel and Blood Orange Espalier

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  • Expert craftsmanship with lattice growth
  • Ideal for small gardens, patios, and balconies
  • Space-saving, flat wall or fence growth
  • Juicy citrus fruit and juice production
  • Suitable for planter pots


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Transform your garden into a showcase of citrus brilliance with our Orange Espalier. These fruit trees are created with great craftsmanship and are trained to grow flat against walls or fences, making them a beautiful and space-saving addition to gardens, patios, or balconies. They work well in compact areas and make striking decorative accents in bigger gardens. Orange citrus are a popular option for home grown fruit and juice and are a handy addition to any cooks garden.


Product Specifications

  • Common Name: Orange Espalier
  • Form: Upright
  • Evergreen / Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Foliage: Vibrant green
  • Uses: Screening, feature / specimen plant, fruit and juice production
  • Growth Rate: Medium, for best result plant in full sun to encourage quicker growth
  • Sun: Requires full sun
  • Soil: Requires free-draining soil
  • Water requirements:  Water well during warmer months
  • Fertalizer: Use citrus specific feratlizer
  • Planter Suitability: Yes, ensure adequate room and keep well watered
  • Maintenance: Medium, for best results, several light prunes yearly


Commonly Asked Questions

How do I look after my Orange Espalier?

Espaliered fruit will continue to grow beyond the current lattice. You can snip off the existing lattice to attach a larger lattice or an additional one. Espaliered fruit grows well along guide wires also. Plants can also be pruned back to smaller sizes to suit compact gardens.


How do I get my Orange Espalier to produce delicious fruit?

A well-hydrated plant will produce juicy fruit. The location of the Espalier is especially important, as citrus will prefer a full sun location. Look into disease prevention to ensure your plant is healthy, and use a fertiliser specially designed for citrus. Good draining is also a must, along with a layer of mulch, which will help keep the soil’s moisture.


When do Oranges produce fruit?

It can take a couple of years for lemons to produce fruit; be patient and look after your plant’s health, and you will be rewarded. Oranges will produce fruit in the cooler months of the year.