Magnolia Super Gem

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Magnolia Grandiflora Super Gem

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  • Classic and popular evergreen magnolia variety
  • Great alternative to regular Little Gem, wider form
  • Creamy white flowers bloom in Spring and Summer
  • Deep green leaves with velvet brown undersides
  • Fragrant blooms, beautifully scented
  • Suitable for large planter pots


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The Super Gem Magnolia is a brilliant alternative to the Little Gem magnolia. With its wider canopy and fuller form, make it perfect for screening or as a standalone feature tree, adding both beauty and privacy to any landscape. Enjoy highly fragrant blooms in spring and summer, it not only looks stunning but also fills the air with a delightful scent.


Product Specifications

  • Common Name: Magnolia Super Gem
  • Mature Height: 4 meters plus
  • Mature Width: 3 meters plus
  • Foliage: Dark green glossy leaves with brown velvety undersides
  • Flowering Period: Fragrant blooms from Spring to Summer
  • Form/Habit: Upright, oval shaped
  • Uses: Feature tree, hedging, specimen planting, espalier
  • Evergreen/Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Drought Hardy: Moderate; consistent watering in dry periods recommended
  • Sun: Full sun to partial shade
  • Maintenance: Low – medium, benefits from a gentle prune
  • Planter Suitability: Yes, select large planter with adequate room for growth
  • Native: No


Commonly Asked Questions

How far apart do I plant Super Gems for a screening hedge?

Around 1-2.5 meters apart for a luscious screening hedge.


When do Little Gems flower?

Magnolia Super Gems have their flowering season through the Spring and Summer months. Their blooms have a heavier fragrance when compared to other magnolia varieties.


How do I keep my Super Gems looking healthy?

Ensure Super Gems are well watered, especially during the warmer months. A layer of mulch will help retain the moisture in the soil. A quality fertiliser will also increase the health of your plant. They will also benefit from a gentle prune once the flowering season has finished.