Standard Crabapple

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Betchtel Crabapple / Malus Ioensis Plena

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  • Stunning Standard Crabapple variety
  • Spectacular modern version of a classic plant
  • Abundant fragrant double white and pink flowers
  • Striking autumn foliage transformation
  • Impressive impact in pairs or avenue planting
  • Grafted standard with upward vase-shaped growth
  • Mature plants can reach 3-4 meters



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Introducing the Standard Crabapple, a contemporary twist on a timeless classic. This exquisite tree boasts an abundance of fragrant double white and pink flowers that steal the spotlight in late spring. As Autumn approaches, prepare to be mesmerised by the breathtaking transformation of its foliage. With a graceful vase-shaped growth pattern, it makes a striking impression when planted in pairs or as part of an avenue.


Product Specifications

  • Botanical Name: Betchtel Crabapple / Malus Ioensis Plena
  • Common Uses: Specimen tree, entry framing, avenue planting
  • Position: Full Sun, Semi-Shade
  • Form: Standard, upright vase shaped growth
  • Mature Size: The stem remains the same size while the “ball” of the plant continues to grow
  • Flowering Period: Spring
  • Graft height: 1.6-1.8m
  • Flower Colour: Double white / pink blooms
  • Soil Type: Loam or Sandy soil, well-draining
  • Growth Rate: Slow – Medium
  • Water Needs: Low – Medium
  • Maintenance Level: Low
  • Planter Suitability: Medium, plant will grow slower in planter pot, ensure adequate room for growth



Commonly Asked Questions

Will my Crabapple standards remain the same size?

Crab apple standards have been grafted so that the “stem” of the plant will remain the same size, whilst the “Ball” of the plant will continue to grow. Graft heights vary between 1.2-1.8 meters; for your preferred graft height, please talk to our friendly team.


When do Crabapples flower?

Crabapple flowers appear in late spring. Clusters of double white / pink-hued flowers create a showstopping specimen tree.


Is the fruit from a Crabapple edible?

Yes, Crabapple fruit is edible, although it is more sour than a regular apple. We do not recommend eating the core or the seeds of the fruit.