Bambalina Dwarf Olive

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Olea Europaea Bambalina

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  • Popular dwarf olive variety
  • Dense evergreen foliage, ideal for screening hedge
  • Create inspired Mediterranean garden design
  • Features iconic soft blue-green foliage
  • Plant 1-1.5 meters apart for screening hedge
  • Ideal for espaliers or planter pots
  • Mature height 2-4 meters



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Bambalina Dwarf olives (Olive Olea Europaea Bambalina) is an excellent choice for those who desire the aesthetic appeal of olive trees without the maintenance associated with fruit production. If pruned on a regular basis, it produces very few olives. This kind of cultivar is often sought after for its ornamental features and suitability for compact screening. Ideal for both in ground and feature planters, this versatile plant adds a Mediterranean touch to your garden design. Bambalina also makes an excellent feature / specimen tree.


Product Specifications

  • Common Name: Dwarf Olive / Bambalina
  • Mature Height: 2-4 meters
  • Mature Width: 2-4 meters
  • Foliage: Mid Green
  • Fruit production: Limited
  • Form/Habit: Upright, compact, dwarf form
  • Uses: Screening, hedging, privacy screen, feature tree, espalier
  • Evergreen/Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Soil: Most well draining soil
  • Sun: Prefers full sun
  • Water Requirement: Low water requirements once established
  • Maintenance: Low – medium, benefits from light pruning


Commonly Asked Questions

When should I prune my Olives?

Giving your olives a prune will encourage thicker growth, a prune in late winter / early spring is ideal. If your area is prone to frost, steer clear of pruning this time of year as freshly cut tips can easily be burnt.


Can you keep Olives inside?

Although olives are an outdoor plant, yes you can, however there are a few things to consider. Olives will grow slower in a pot, inside the home. Try and position your olive near a window to maximize sun. Keep a close eye on the overall health of your olive as they will be more prone to disease and poor health indoor. Rotate your pot every few months to encourage even growth over the plant. Also keep an eye on the moisture levels as potted plants will dry out more quickly than if they were planted in the ground.


How big do dwarf olives grow compared to regular olive varieties?

Dwarf olive trees typically have a compact size, growing 2-4 meters both in height and width. This makes them well-suited for smaller gardens, narrow spaces, and residential landscapes where space may be limited. The evergreen nature of these trees ensures year-round screening, providing privacy and a consistent green backdrop to the landscape. Whereas regular olive trees, such as Kalamata or Manzanillo, when allowed to grow to their full height, provide a significant barrier due to their tall and spreading nature. These trees are effective in creating a privacy screen, offering seclusion and shielding your property from the view of neighbors or nearby structures.