Straight and Narrow

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Syzygium Australe “Straight and Narrow”

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  • Low maintenance, evergreen screening
  • Slender plant, ideal for narrow garden beds
  • Tiny white flowers turns into beautiful pink and red fruit
  • Mature plant  reaches 6-8m tall
  • Prunes well for a 2-3 hedge
  • Psyllid resistant, easy care


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The straight and narrow lilly pilly is an excellent choice for creating privacy or defining spaces in your garden. Its slender form makes it versatile for various planting situations, especially in narrow garden beds or along fence lines. Plus, being an evergreen, it maintains its lush appearance year-round, offering consistent screening and beauty. And the low maintenance aspect is always a plus—less time spent on upkeep means more time enjoying your garden oasis!


Product Specifications

  • Botanical Name: Syzygium Australe “Straight and Narrow” PBR
  • Mature Height:  5-8 meters tall
  • Mature Width: 1.5-2m tall
  • Plant spacing: 1 meter apart for screening hedge, plant 1.5m apart for stand alone plants
  • Foliage:  Compact, dark Green
  • Form/Habit: Upright, slender, narrow
  • Uses: Screening, stand-alone feature plants, narrow garden beds
  • Evergreen/Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Soil: Most soil types, loam, sandy soil, prefers well draining
  • Drought Hardy: Moderate
  • Sun: Full sun – semi shade
  • Water Requirement: Low once established
  • Maintenance: Low, can be pruned if preferred
  • Native: Yes


Commonly asked questions

How far apart should I plant for a screening hedge?

Around 1 meter apart, plant further apart if you wish to keep the plants separate and show their natural form?


Are these ideal for narrow garden beds?

Yes these are, due to their compact nature, Straight & Narrow are a popular choice for narrow garden beds.


Should I prune my Straight & Narrow?

Late winter is an ideal time to prune, before the new Spring foliage comes in.


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