Topiary Cloud

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Topiary Cloud

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  • Classic English Box Topiary Cloud
  • Create impact with this spectacular feature plant
  • Plant branches can be molded to desired shape
  • Stunning when placed in pairs, framing entrance ways
  • Suitable for large planter pots





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English box topiary clouds are indeed a distinctive feature that can elevate the aesthetic of any garden, whether it’s classic, formal, or contemporary in design. Their ability to be shaped into virtually any desired form adds a personalized touch to the landscape, making each one unique. With English box topiary clouds, you have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and imagination. Whether you prefer traditional geometric shapes, intricate designs, or something more abstract, the possibilities are endless. Each cloud will have its own character and charm, reflecting your individual style and vision for the garden.


Product Specifications

  • Common Name: English Box / Common Box
  • Foliage: Dark green dense foliage
  • Form/Habit: Upright, compact
  • Uses: Feature & specimen tree, entrance framing, planter pots
  • Planter suitability: Yes, allow adequate room for growth
  • Evergreen/Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Drought Tolerance: Moderate; prefers well draining soil,
  • Soil: Well draining soil, fertalized soil
  • Growth Rate: Slow, encourage new growth with quality Buxus fertalizer
  • Sun: Full sun – prefers open sunny position, shade and frost tolerant
  • Maintenance: Medium, regular prunes will maintain spiral shape. Use quality buxus fertaliser


Commonly Asked Questions

How do I care for my English Box Topiary?

Several small prunes a year will keep this cloud topiary in its attractive shape. Use sharp sheers and keep standing back to get a better view of the shape you are creating. Water and fertalise the plant well after a prune. Top Buxus  sells a great range of care products to keep your English Box in great health. Alternatively a slow release fertaliser will also work well.


Can I keep cloud topiary in a pot?

Yes you can, Englis Box topiary are quite slow growing plants, making them ideal for planter pots. Plants in pots will also dry out more quickly than they would if they were in the ground, keep an eye on the moisture level to prevent the plant drying out.


How do I shape the branches of my topiary cloud?

Topiary clouds offer a unique and whimsical element to garden design, and their branches’ flexibility allows for creative shaping and sculpting. By using spacers and supports during the shaping process, you can guide the growth of the branches into your desired forms.

The flexibility of the branches enables you to gently train them into your desired shape, depending on your preference. As the branches mature and begin to harden, they will hold their shape more firmly, allowing you to gradually remove the spacers and supports.

It’s essential to be patient during the shaping process and to monitor the growth of the topiary closely. Regular pruning and maintenance will help encourage the desired shape while keeping the plant healthy and balanced.