Dwarf Lemon citrus varieties, ideal for small gardens, courtyards and plater pots. Delivered with care from Impressive Plants.
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Quality olive espaliers, available in manzanillo, kalamata and tolley upright olives.
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Mandarin Espalier

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Japanese Seedless, Imperial & Emperor Espalier

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  • Expert craftsmanship, grown on vertical lattice
  • Ideal for limited garden space or narrow garden beds
  • Stunning garden feature or focal point
  • Striking when fence line planted
  • Juicy fruit and juice production
  • Thrives in full sun location
  • Suitable for planter pots


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Transform your garden into a spectacle with our Mandarin Espalier, featuring Japanese Seedless, Emperor and Imperial varieties. Perfect for gardens with limited room, these espaliered mandarin plants grow flat against walls or fences, making them ideal for small gardens, patios, and balconies. These versatile citrus espaliers are ideal for both fruit and juice production, making them a welcome addition to any home cooks garden.


Product Specifications – Mandarin Espalier

  • Common Varieties: Japanese Seedless, Imperial, Emperor
  • Uses: Feature / Specimen tree, fence line planting, narrow garden beds, fruit production
  • Foliage Type: Evergreen, upright
  • Position: Full Sun location
  • Soil Type: Well-draining, well-fertilised soil
  • Watering: Keep adequately watered and mulched during warmer seasons for juicy fruit production
  • Fertiliser: Use specialized citrus plant fertiliser for optimal growth
  • Maintenance Level: Medium
  • Planter Suitability: Yes


Commonly Asked Questions

How do I look after my Mandarin Espalier?

Espaliered fruit will continue to grow beyond the current lattice. You can snip off the existing lattice to attach a larger lattice or an additional one. Espaliered fruit grows well along guide wires also. Plants can also be pruned back to smaller sizes to suit compact gardens. This dwarf variety is ideal for smaller gardens and courtyards.


How do I get my Mandarin Espalier to produce delicious fruit?

A well-hydrated plant will produce juicy fruit. The location of the Espalier is especially important, as citrus will prefer a full sun location. Look into disease prevention to ensure your plant is healthy, and use a fertiliser specially designed for citrus. Good draining is also a must; a layer of mulch will also help keep the moisture in the soil.


When do Mandarins produce fruit?

It can take a couple of years for limes to produce fruit; be patient and look after your plant’s health, and you will be rewarded. Mandarins will produce fruit from late Autumn through to early Spring.